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Wellness resources for USC students.

Emotional and Social Health

Trojans Care 4 Trojans (TC4T)

TC4T is an initiative within the Division of Student Affairs that empowers students to take action when they are concerned about a Trojan.

This website is the initial phase of the TC4T initiative and it serves as an interactive resource for Trojans that seek to help fellow Trojans challenged with personal difficulties. Along with educational videos, this site features a list of campus and community resources and an anonymous request form. The request form provides an opportunity for Trojans to help a member of our Trojan Family. Each request will be researched by a staff member within the Division of Student Affairs.



Center for Excellence in Teaching (CET)

The Center is a uniquely fellow-driven institution that is dedicated to the inspiration and advancement of outstanding and innovative teachers in a learner-centered environment.

Contact: (213) 740-9040

Residential Education

student.jpgResidential education offers Residential Advisors (RAs) as a resource, to solve problems and plan activities. The Residential Student Government acts as a voice for residents and community.

The Center for Academic Support

The Center for Academic Support, located in STU 301, is the central resource and referral agency for learning enrichment at USC. Upper division students, graduate students, faculty, staff and volunteers at USC coordinate a program of mentoring and academic enrichment in a university-wide effort to address student needs.

The Center contributes to a collaborative approach to learning in the academic community at USC. The staff of the Center work to meet individual student needs as it relates to learning enrichment.

All services are free to USC students, and include the following:

Contact: 213 740-0776  | (213) 740-6948 (TDD only)

Freshman 15: Unlock Your Success at USC


The Freshman 15 (F15) program seeks to create a welcoming, supportive environment for first year students; freshmen and transfer.

Contact: 213 740-5693

Health Center Consultation

The UPC Health Center offers consultations for a variety of issues such as: alcohol and other drug use, eating disorders, nutrition, sexual health, smoking, and stress management. A flowchart about accessing medical services is available.

Contact: 213-740-7711

Eating Disorder Treatment

The Eating Disorder Treatment Team is a group of caring professionals that assists students who have eating disorders. The team is comprised of two psychologists, two physicians, a psychiatrist and a registered dietitian.

Contact: 213-740-7711

Physical Wellness

Eric Cohen Health Center

At HSC, "It is the goal of the Eric Cohen Health Center to provide complete medical care to its students. Included in this care are services for acute and chronic illnesses, psychological counseling and obstetric gynecological care."

323 442-5980 (clinic administration)
323 442-5882 (clinic appointment line)

University Park Health Center Medical Services

Services focus on “the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of medical concerns found in the college population. The University Park Health Center at UPC offers comprehensive primary care that includes a component for urgent care of illness and injury, as well as a strong focus on men’s and women’s sexual and reproductive health.”

Contact: 213 740-9355

The Resource Room

Located on the University Park Campus in the SHC building, Room 206. The Resource Room is a self-help center with health-related books, pamphlets, first-aid supplies, safer sex supplies, and cold kits. A Peer Health Educator is available to answer questions. 


University Park Health Center: Counseling Services Ulifeline

An online mental health support system created to address health-related concerns, UPHC Ulifeline website links include: Concern for a Friend, Concern for Self, Drug Information, and Mental Health and Suicide Prevention.

ULifeline is an anonymous, confidential, online resource center, where college students can be comfortable searching for the information they need and want regarding mental health and suicide prevention.

Men’s Health Team

Designed by the University Park Health Center’s services specifically for men, the Team is primarily for students and provides medical care, treatment, and information.

Contact: 213-740-9355

Health and Wellness Newsletter

Recreational Sports publishes monthly e-newsletters that provide information about healthy eating and exercise. Faculty and staff also have access to this newsletter.

Office for Wellness and Health Promotion: Resource Room

The Resource Room provides books and pamphlets on nutrition and health information and promotes the health of the student as well as the overall health of the campus

Contact: 213-730-4777

Drug Education Consultations (DEC)

A DEC consultation is a one-on-one session sanctioned through and/or referred by an RA, a Greek House Advisor, or through Student Judicial Affairs and Community Standards.

Contact: 213 740-4777

Eating Disorder Treatment

The Eating Disorder Treatment Team is a group of caring professionals that assists students who have eating disorders. The team is comprised of two psychologists, two physicians, a psychiatrist and a registered dietitian.

Contact: 213-740-7711

Programs, Policies, and Resources

Center for Testing and Assessment

The Center for Testing & Assessment provides testing services for students, faculty and staff. Test schedules and application forms for university and national tests are available for pick up. We also provide document scanning, data analysis, and computer program creation to generate reports for evaluations, surveys and classroom applications.

We are located on the main campus of USC. Our address is:

USC Center for Testing & Assessment
3601 Trousdale Parkway
STU 301
Los Angeles, CA 90089

(213) 740-7166

Office Hours:
8:30am - 5:00pm
Monday through Friday

SCampus: Student Guidebook

Essential information for USC students is found in the SCampus Student Guidebook, including the University Student Conduct Code.

Student Judicial Affairs and Community Standards: Consultation Concerning Disruptive Behavior

The Student Judicial Affairs and Community Standards: Consultation Concerning Disruptive Behavior resource for faculty/staff provides consultations on preventing and addressing disruptive and inappropriate behavior.

Disruptive and Threatening Student Behavior: Guidelines for Faculty and Staff

The guidebook, Disruptive and Threatening Student Behavior: Guidelines for Faculty and Staff, is to assist faculty when they encounter disruptive behavior from students.

University Park Health Center - Fees & Eligibility

Student health fees and eligibility information may be found here. The difference between student health fees and the USC Student Health Insurance Plan is also covered.

Contact: 213 740-UPHC


Undergraduate Research Opportunities

USC Dornsife offers numerous opportunities for undergraduates to participate in research and in many cases will help fund this learning.

Conducting research in USC Dornsife is a great way to get to know faculty, graduate students, and other undergraduates who share similar academic and career interests.

Undergraduate Research Opportunities - Psychology

Undergraduates may participate in research through enrollment in PSYC 490x (Directed Research). It is not necessary to take this course to be involved in faculty research, and the experience itself is valuable even if no academic credit is earned. It is, however, advantageous for a student to have the record of research on his/her transcript, particularly when applying to graduate school or seeking employment that involves assisting in psychological research.


Office of Religious life

The Office of Religious Life provides opportunities for exploring the spiritual dimensions of life and learning. Visit the home page for information about organizations, worship centers, programs, and religious holidays.

Contact: 213 740-6110

Interfaith Counsel

The Interfaith Council is a group of 24 students who are chosen (by their peers) to represent the many traditions of spiritual belief and practice that have groups functioning at USC.


Student Life

Offices of International Services

The Offices of International Services provides housing information and rental resources near USC and surrounding communities.

Contact: 213 740-2666

Trojan Housing

USC Trojan Housing operates more than 40 facilities, including houses, residential colleges, residence halls, and apartments that provide USC students with a variety of living options.

Contact: 800-872-4632 or 213-740-2546

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